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Cover Art by Atolón de Mororoa

Between us we can change this rotten society. Now, put on your coat and make for the nearest cinema. Look at their deadly love-making on the screen. Isn’t it better in real life? Make up your mind to learn to love. Then, during the interval, when the first advertisements come on, pick up your tomatoes or, if you prefer, your eggs, and chuck them. Then get out into the street, and peel off all the latest government proclamations until underneath you discover the message of the days of May and June.

Stay awhile in the street. Look at the passers-by and remind yourself: the last word has not yet been said. Then act. Act with others, not for them. Make the revolution here and now. It is your own. C’est pour toi que tu fais la révolution.

— Daniel and Gabriel Cohn-Bendit, Obsolete Communism: The Left-Wing Alternative
Front Matters

Front Matters

The alarm clock rings: first humiliation of the day.

Struggle Session

The Second Emancipation

A conversation with Michael K. Honey

Until his assassination in 1968, Martin Luther King Jr led an unheralded struggle for economic justice.

March on Washington, DC, 1963

Warren K. Leffler / Library of Congress

Means of Deduction

Means of Deduction

Imagine: there was a war and no one turned up!

Vulgar Empiricist

A Poor Man’s Fight

As the Vietnam War dragged on, soldiers took matters into their own hands.

Uneven & Combined

Bomb Anything That Moves

More than triple the bombs dropped in World War II devastated Southeast Asia

How Beautiful It Was

Jonah Birch

View of the demonstrations in Toulouse, June 11–12, 1968.

Municipal Archives of the city of Toulouse

For a few brief weeks in France, not just a government but an entire system was called into question.

Reading Materiel

Reading Materiel

Down with journalists and those who cater to them.

Canon Fodder

When Ramparts Reigned

Meagan Day

How Ramparts went from Catholic literary magazine to the vanguard of the New Left.

Half the Way With Mao Zedong

Paul Heideman

How Students for a Democratic Society went from building a mass movement to embracing the politics of self-destruction.

Why We Fought

Luciana Castellina

During the 1968 Soviet invasion, Czechoslovaks carry their national flag past a burning Soviet tank in Prague.

Luciana Castellina on the real ’68.

Cultural Capital

Cultural Capital

Godard: the supreme Swiss Maoist jerk.

Red Channels

Year of the Zombie

Eileen Jones

George Romero’s Night of the Living Dead showed a new society devouring the old.

Beyond a Boundary

Before the World Arrived

Jonah Walters

Just ten days before the 1968 Olympics, hundreds of protesters lay dead in a Mexico City square.

Ways of Seeing

Life Without Buildings

Owen Hatherley

In the late sixties, radical architects expressed their scorn in satirical utopias, where the world’s landmarks and landscapes are eaten up by the power of capital.

Illustration by Christoph Kleinstück

When the Old World Unraveled

Helena Sheehan

Illustration by Emily Haasch

Before 1968, we felt confident in everything. Afterwards, we knew everything had to change.

The Tumbrel

The Tumbrel

Barricades shut down the street but open the way.


George Wallace’s ’68

Leo P. Ribuffo

For every American won over to radicalism in 1968, there was another captured by George Wallace’s right-wing populism.


Traitors to Their Class

Branko Marcetic

Rich people today mostly post Instagram photos of themselves. They used to sometimes do left-wing politics too.

Illustration by Ayumi Takahashi



Forests came before man, the desert comes afterwards.

Means & Ends

Socialism in Our Time

Bhaskar Sunkara

We reach hundreds of thousands — we need socialist media that reaches hundreds of millions.

Sharpless 249 and the Jellyfish Nebula.

Albert Barr / NASA